Ryan Goodlett & Leah Maurmeier
Nightscape Imaging
Fine Art Portraiture & Illustration

Fine Art Portraiture & Illustration


About Me

We strive to create thought provoking and introspective imagery through a wide range of media, bringing you back into yourself to contemplate true life meaning and purpose. Through our blend of Surrealist and Naturalist comprehension, we help your spirit transport to primitivity and felicity.


We would love to photograph/draw your family, high school senior, sports portrait and much more!

We can traditionally or digitally draw whole families or portraits, or give timeless photographs of you or your loved ones at an affordable rate! Please dont hesitate to call or email us at 513.295.2638 or blue-feather@lycos.com

Ryan Goodlett

A fine art portrait & nature photographer working in Cincinnati, he is a graduate of Ohio Institute of Photography & has won many awards for his work; including the OIP&T 'Gallery Elite Award' in 2008

He is also a Solo Musician: Click to listen!

Leah Maurmeier

A Digital and Traditional Illustrator with a year remaining to receive her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration, she currently works freelance in the Cincinnati/Dayton area and for clients across the United States. She is also a prospective Tattoo Artist apprentice for a local Tattoo Studio.
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